This Company That Makes Anti-Paparazzi Clothes Could Be A Life Saver For Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

For years now, rappers have had a love and hate relationship with the paparazzi

Artists like Drake, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne have had their share of run-ins with the paparazzi and often try to shun the snapping lenses of hungry photographers looking for the money shot.
Just last week, Kanye and Kim Kardashian West’s daughter North West had to put the paparazzi in check, when she went out to the Museum of Ice Cream with her mom.
Kim may be used to dozens of photographers waiting to take pictures of her every movement, but North West doesn’t seem to be so camera friendly, like her daddy Kanye.

If Kanye and Kim knew about this cool piece of fashion, they could potentially make North West disappear from photos altogether.
A company called ISHU has created what they have billed as they first anti-flash scarf, which will blacken a subject out any unwanted mobile flash pictures.
The Anti-paparazzi Scarf is the company’s first commercially available product. ISHU soft launched back in September of 2016 with a 96-piece clothing collection dubbed #AnonymousSeason celebrating 20 years of Jay Z’s debut album Reasonable Doubt.
The Anti-paparazzi scarf’s A|A|B anti-mobile flash technology blackens out any light from the flash of a camera, leaving a silhouetted image behind, which looks similar to ‎Edvard Munch’s 1893 painting “The Scream.”

“As a company, we promise to continually innovate and provide technology inspired apparel to improve the way society lives today. We will enable fashion to use technology in a way that is yet unseen.” – Fashion-Tech company ISHU

The end result is actually a pretty cool looking image (or video) and we can imagine rappers actually using this for a dope effect in a video shoot, or other for some sort of other special effects.
The company also makes Anti-paparazzi hoodies, sweaters, hats and others accessories.
Kanye and Kim might want to invest in this. Take a look at more of ISHU’s gear at