Bow Wow to Soulja Boy: Fake News Is Making Everyone Sick

A few days ago, Bow Wow ruined his own reputation with a fake Instagram post fronting like he was riding on a private jet, all just to promote the new season of “Growing up Hip-Hop.”

Bow Wow, born Shad Moss, was busted after a fan posted his own picture next to Bow Wow riding on a commercial flight, not a private jet. Someone that ultimately found the picture Shad lifted and the whole went thing went viral, inspiring the latest social media craze the #theBowWowChallenge.
It is certainly funny to watch Bow Wow get what he deserves for making up his own fake story in an attempt to look like he is ballin’ out of control
But Bow wow isn’t alone is his deceitful attempt to create some buzz around himself in hopes of attracting some kind of attention and this problem of fake news is having a real impact on everyone’s health.
According to studies, there were 10 million fake news Facebook engagements in 2016.
To make matters worse, 78% of the people have reported at least one physical symptom of stress, and it is all thanks to fake news.

“We live in a world of information overload. Add to this reality the fact that the country is seriously divided politically and that more people are frightened about their immediate and long-term security, physically, economically, and emotionally than for generations.” Carol Kershaw – Licensed Mental Health Clinician.

And you know Bow Wow, or someone on his PR team – if he even has one – is in full blown crisis mode, as celebrities around the world have joined in to mock the rapper.