DJ Dahi: How A Job As A Resident Agent In College Led To Producing For The World's Top Hip-Hop Stars

Even though DJ Dahi grew up in Inglewood, which has produced rappers like Casey Veggies, Bishop Lamont, Mack 10, he was not allowed to listen to hip-hop with curse words as a child.

So it’s a little bit ironic that DJ Dahi has gone on to produce hit records from some of the biggest and most controversial artists in contemporary music.
By the time he reached Morningside High school, DJ Dahi was proficient in playing the drums and the saxophone, but when arrived at UC Santa Cruz to study film, DJ Dahi fell in love with hip-hop and started producing beats.
The fledgling producer’s big break came during his stint as a Resident Agent, trying to keep other youngsters in line.
DJ Dahi, born Dacoury Natche, did more than just bust students for minor infractions during his time as an R.A.
The freedom of his job at UC Santa Cruz allowed him to hone his skills as a producer, which eventually led to his tracks to a young rapper named Kendrick Lamar.
DJ Dahi’s smooth production ended up on Kendrick’s good kid, m.A.A.d city, specifically the hit song “Money Trees” with Jay Rock.
“That was when I knew I had to quit that job,” DJ Dahi told LA Weekly. “But until then it had been great because it allowed me so much time to make beats.”
The 34-year-old producer has obviously made great use of the time, having produced for Madonna, Big Sean, Dr. Dre and others.
Check out some of the songs DJ Dahi has produced since leaving his job as an R.A. at UC Santa Cruz.

Drake: “Worst Behavior”

DJ Dahi provided the music for one of Drake’s most durable singles. DJ Dahi said he made the beat in August 2013 and sent the beat off to Drake’s team, who ended up loving it.

“He was tellin’ me that he needed something… that was going to be a different format for him. The process of him making the record was liberating, vindicating in some sense and it’s cool to a part of that.” – DJ Dahi on making “Worst Behavior” with Drake

Drug Dealers Anonymous:

DJ Dahi set the hip-hop community on fire when he dropped this track with Pusha T and Jay Z. “Drug Dealers Anonymous” was inspired by conservative news reporter Tomi Lahrens quip about Beyonce being married to a former drug dealer. Pusha had finished his verse and left some space for Jay Z at the end. After a series of casual emails, Jay Z decided to hop on the track.

“WTF? Why you taking me to a dark place? Now I’m going to grow my hair out to be on this track with you.” – Jay Z upon hearing the track for Drug Dealers Anonymous

Kendrick Lamar “XXX” co-produced by Mike WiLL Made-It, Sounwave, and Bēkon

The original version of the song was crafted by Mike WiLL Made-It. Kendrick Lamar was not satisfied with the original version, so he turns to DJ Dahi, Sounwave, and Bēkon to give the song some more energy. The result was an epic collaboration between Kendrick Lamar and U2’s Bono.

“We wanted to change up the beat. Me and Sounwave got in and just produced the third part of the section together and it kinda fit, man. It was really just a thing we had that we didn’t know if we were going to be able to use it in something.” – DJ Dahi on making “XXX” for Kendrick Lamar and Bono