How To Show Your Mom Love Like A Rapper On Mother's Day

So far this year, rappers like Big Sean, Lil Yachty, Drake and 2 Chainz have shown their mom’s serious love.

Big Sean made everyone’s heart melt when he gave a tribute to his mother during a performance of “Inspire Me” at his record release party for his album I Decided, and Lil Yachty impressed everyone when he went straight down the red carpet with his mother during the 2017 Grammy Awards.
2 Chainz gave his mom props and showed the world he was a great son when he bought his mother a house out of nowhere, just last month.

Atlanta’s Young Thug charmed his way out of a disturbing situation after he berated an Alaska Airlines employee and put it on social media.
Thugger’s mom made her gangster son go right back down to the airport and apologize. Not only did she help Young Thug diffuse a bad situation, but the fact that Thugger followed his mom’s advice also earned him some new fans and lots of good press.
On the other side of the coin, there are rappers like Soulja Boy and Logic, who have strained relations with their mothers.
Dr. Frieda Birnbaum is a world-renowned research psychologist and psychoanalyst, who offered up some tips for anyone to try and keep a good relationship with Mom.

Soulja Boy

Rapper Soulja Boy went viral for a lot of reasons last year, and this was one of the more embarrassing beef he engaged in so far this year. Soulja took to Instagram after his brother accused him of being rich and famous while they were struggling in the hood. Soulja Boy wasn’t happy, labeled his mom a crackhead and claimed he had given her millions of dollars, which she blew. Soulja could mend his relationship with a small gesture.


Dr. Birnbaum: Mothers love to know that their children love and respect them. Offering a thank you, remembering to call — little gestures like these may seem small to you but, they bring an abundance of joy to moms.


Could Drake be giving his mom a Mother’s Day present, simply by remaining silent? Earlier this month, rapper Meek Mill issued a trio of diss record aimed at Drake and his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj. Meek takes swipes at Drake on the songs “Left Hollywood,” “Backboard” and “Slay.”
But on Drake’s latest “playlist” More Life, his mother Sandi Graham pops up on the song “Can’t Have Everything,” which featured her son taking some shots at Meek again. Sandi ends the song by urging Drake to calm down and stop being so confrontational.

“I know that you can reach your desired destination and accomplish your goals, much more quickly without this confrontation that I’m hearing in your tone these days,” Sandi told her son. “When others go low, we go high.”


Dr. Birnbaum: Ask your mother what is going in her life. Keep aware of all major things. Moms love it when you remember something important to them that they weren’t expecting you to remember because it shows you attentively listen to them.


Rap star Logic miiigghht be able to benefit from this advice. By his own admission, he has no relationship with his mother, thanks to a drug addiction and other serious problems. Even though Logic’s dad is black and his white mom is white, he has revealed that shockingly, his mom is a racist. Logic goes deep on the situation on his latest dope album Everybody. While this relationship is probably the most difficult of all, maybe Logic can still find peace within himself, by trying to find some sort of peace with his mother.


Dr. Birnbaum: Chances are you and your mother may not see eye to eye on everything — or anything, for that matter. It’s OK. If you can accept your mom for who she is and accept that you both are different, you’ll have many days of peace between you.

Luda is getting it right. According to the Dr. Birnbaum, a big surprise for mom is good anytime of the year. Ludacris took his industry connections and put them to good use on an upcoming episode of “My Houzz” where he surprises his mother with a complete remodel of her Atlanta mansion.


Dr. Birnbaum: It doesn’t have to just be on Mother’s Day. Any day is a good day to surprise your mom by taking her out to dinner or shopping. If you regularly take your mom off guard with something positive, it’ll make her very happy.”