Jay Z and Warren Buffet Made Billions – By Sheer "Luck"

When Warren Buffett and entertainment juggernaut Jay-Z sit down to talk about how they unlocked their full potential in business, you listen!

Here, Buffett the billionaire, who also happens to be the #4 richest man in the world, chopped it up with Jay-Z, the billionaire in the making.
During this classic sit down, Warren and Jay talk about how much impact luck has on the process.
Steve Forbes of Forbes magazine sits down to moderate this legendary Q&A.
The 80-year-old owner of Berkshire Hathaway said that he does what he loves every day, and he still tap dances to work each morning.
As far as being successful, The Oracle of Omaha explained how some really bad news turned out to be his lucky break.
“I got turned down by Harvard. Getting turned down by Harvard meant I got to study under Ben Graham at Columbia which turned out to change my life,” Warren Buffett said.

“If I had been born in 1930 and If had been born  female orIf had been born black I would not have had the same opportunities, it’s just chance…” – Warren Buffett.

When asked about how his life growing up in the Marcy Projects could have turned out Jay-Z announced
“I mean they’re very few people that are from my neighborhood and my environment that make it out, I mean forget about to be successful, to [just] make it out alive…”
Jay-Z tells the story of a close friend who just got out of prison, after 13 years in the can for doing some of the things Jay Z.
Jay credits the music industry and timing for pulling him out of the lifestyle that could very easily have landed him in the same predicament as his close street constituent.
He describes how the entertainment business popped up on him while he was still doing “street things.”
In fact, it was a fortunate trip to London with his mentor Jaz-O, which ultimately kept him from a being caught up in a sting operation.
Jay was lucky enough to take his first trip out of the country to help Jaz-O, and while he was abroad in Europe, his street associate was indicted back in Brooklyn.
“Had it not been for music and music taking me out at the right time, my life could’ve very easily been his, we were together every single day. The only reason I wasn’t there was because I was away doing this music stuff,” Jay Z said.
Shout out to “LUCK” for giving us two of the top business minds in history.