Here Is Why Kylie and Tyga Should Not Even Be Friends

It seems like as if it were just yesterday when I was watching Tyga dancing on Snapchat and grinning from ear to ear, when his then-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, bought him a Bentley.

Now, photos of Tyga on a boat with bikini-clad models and the same grin on his face have surfaced around the same time as pictures of Kylie Jenner and rumored boyfriend, Travis Scott, holding hands.
Tyga and Kylie have broken up before during their three-year long relationship, so possibly we will see “Tylie” or “Kyga” back together again.

The couple has had an off-and-on bond since Kylie was a teenager and even the threat of jail (since she was underage) could not keep the two lovebirds apart.
It appears as if their fantasy if finally over and it might just be the best thing for both of them, even though it’s presumably painful.
Once two people consent to have a connection that is based on passion and love, going back to the “friend zone” may no longer be in the cards.
For the person who did the dumping, it might seem as if being good buddies is healthy, but it really isn’t.

“An expectation that you will remain friends might not be realistic but don’t feel that you need to cut all contact forever. A post break-up relationship of sorts can emerge as long as you both agree to it.” – Relationship therapist Gurpreet Singh

If you have ever loved and lost, then you comprehend how overwhelming it can be to deal with a former sweetheart.
The clean break seems to be the safest exit strategy for anyone looking for good results.
People “close to Kylie,” said their break up is because of money issues, while people “close to Tyga” have said that he is the one who chose to leave.
It may be convenient as well as soothing in a moment of weakness, but being friends with your ex can have disastrous results.