Students Form A Kanye West Cover Band And Find Out The Rapper's Music Is Complicated

Old time rocker David Crosby may not be dazzled by Kanye West, but a group of students at Syracuse have learned that there is more to the rapper’s music than meets the ear.

Back in 2015, David Crosby, who founded the 1960s group, Crosby Stills & Nash, bashed Kanye West and his production style claiming “he can’t write, sing, or play at all. He is an egomaniac, he is dumb as a post, he creates nothing, helps no one.”

A group of students at Syracuse have challenged Crosby’s assessment with their new house band Some of The Lights.
The Kanye West cover band was formed earlier this year when founder Josh Daghir was asked to perform at a show on campus.
Although Josh had dabbled and played guitar before, he had no background performing in a band.
According to The Daily Orange, Josh Daghir got the idea to start the Kanye West cover band when the University needed some last-minute performers for a function.
He contacted several other students on campus to help round out the group. They named their cover band Some of the Lights and set out to re-create Kanye’s music.
As they began translating Kanye’s music to live instruments, they soon realized the rap star’s production value was a bit more complicated than expected.

“While attempting to translate the songs from a hip-hop track to real instruments, Daghir discovered that West’s beats and vocals had quite a bit of substance and complexity to them.” – Leah Meyers. The Daily Orange

Even though most of the group members in Some of the Lights are preparing to graduate, they have managed to squeeze out a number of high-profile gigs, including one over the weekend at the Barton Cove.
Even though the group is blowing up, group member Darriea Clark took a casual attitude towards the group’s regional success.
“It’s just about all the fun we’re having together. It’s about the music we’re making, and it’s about putting on a good show. It’s about having a good time,” the journalism major said.