Tattoos You Can Hear Have Finally Arrived

With a bit of technological help, tattoos are coming alive like never before.
Not only is there the visible fulfillment of a permanent piece after one gets tatted, with the new Soundwave Tattoo, you can actually listen to your ink!
The new technology could be used for all sorts of concepts and the more imaginative of those amongst us could dream up any number of possibilities.
In the video from Soundwave Tattoo, we see that the artist has drawn a dope tattoo on this person’s inner forearm.
Upon scanning Soundwave Tattoo with a smartphone, the ink suddenly becomes audible.
In the example below, the person’s significant other and child can be heard when the tattoo is scanned.
Now you can get quotes, songs, lyrics, or voices from people you love or hate, that’s etched into your skin and your ears forever.