#WCW – Meet Frances T. Wong, Jay Z and Nas’ Secret Weapon In Business

There is a powerful force behind two of the most powerful men in the music business, who were once bitter rivals and engaged in one of the greatest Hip-Hop feuds ever.

Meet Frances T. Wong.
Francis is working with Nas supporting his new deal with The Thread Shop, to help the Queens rapper design a brand new line of clothing.
Prior to working over at The Thread Shop, Frances held key executive jobs at Paper Denim & Cloth, French Connection, Calvin Klein and Bloomingdales.
Ironically, preceding to her time with The Thread Shop, Frances was instrumental in the success of Jay-Z and Damon Dash’s Rocawear clothing line.
By employing Frances’ eye for style, design and fashion trends, Jay and Dame were able to increase Rocawear’s earnings by 400%, all under her watchful eye.

“Our approach is to not look at what we do as merch but rather as an opportunity to create fashion forward brand extensions that can live in real life: on tour, online and at retail.” Frances T. Wong, VP of The Thread Shop

Here are some interesting things about Frances T. Wong you need to know since she is working with Nas to launch his new line.

Frances is an Industry Vet

Frances Wong made her name in the worlds of design and merchandising, and is known for her keen ability to manage and direct multiple designs, product development, and merchandising teams.

Frances Has Deep Experience

Before joining the Sony as Vice President of The Thread Shop, Frances was VP of Design and Merchandising at Bravado/Universal Music Group. Bravado is the merchandising arm that is controlled by Vivendi, the parent company of Universal Music Group. Frances worked closely with both Men’s and Women’s collections to keep each artist’s line hot.

She Can Handle Pressure

Prior to Bravado, Frances worked spent eight years at Rocawear. Under Jay Z and Damon Dash, Frances directed a team of 25 from concept, design, and product development. Because of Frances Rocawear grew from $80 million in Menswear alone to $350 million including licensing deals in juniors and accessories.