#WCW: Philly Rapper Bri Steves Gets Love From Rap Legend For Her "Summertime" Remix

Bri Steves is trying to balance the difficulties of the recording industry and university life.

The 21-year-old, self-taught Philadelphian has been crafting her art for years and as a product of a single parent home, she has always been very independent.
Bri recently remixed Philadelphia legend Will Smith’s classic hip-hop song “Summertime” with a feminine spin on the male oriented summer song called “Summer’s Mine.”
The new version of the song managed to attract the attention of the producer – DJ Jazzy Jeff, himself – on Bri’s Instagram page.
Bri said she “literally cried” when she saw Jeff’s Twitter post and video tribute thanking her for paying homage to the Hip-Hop greats and their anthem.
“Being at Temple University and balancing college life is hella hard, I’m not going to hold you” Bri said of managing life on campus, along with her recording commitments.
Bri, who has persevered through the adversity of a broken home,  is on the path to greatness herself.
Check out the “Summertime” mash-up that bumped Bri to the top of the up and coming list of artists to watch for in the City of Brotherly Love.
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