Could XXXtentation Be Planning A Career With Sign Language?

Rapper XXXtentation has a short, but checkered history within the hip-hop community.

The young rap star has already served jail time after some well-publicized run-ins with the law, in addition to some industry beef, already.
He even has an ongoing feud with Drake, an industry heavyweight who XXXtentation claims stole his flow.
XXXtentation has been publicly throwing shots ever since and he has even lusted after Drake’s mom Sandi Graham.
Despite many obvious differences, in an interesting twist, both of the rap celebrities were spotted recently supporting their cousins who were attending their local proms.
Regardless of the negative attention that XXXtentation has received, he still finds time to give some positive lessons out over his social media channel.

Here XXXtentation is seen running through the alphabet from A-Z using only sign language.
This exchange leaves the often misunderstood XXXtentation at the head of the class teaching his fans some useful knowledge.
Sometimes it feels like social media only produces bullshit, but this is actually a solid educational moment from a wild young bul!