Is Weed A Performance Enhancing Drug For Gamers? Rapper Game Says “F##k Yea"

In a recent 2K17 Tournament hosted by The Game, the legendary L.A. Rapper/Gamer flew out the nations best online for a tournament sponsored by Trees by Game.

Marijuana and video games often go hand in hand and the top level players are no exception.
When asked by Colorado MC Jahni Denver “How much weed do you smoke in a day?” Game replied ” I smoke everyday, but I don’t count the Nug’s.”
Jahni Denver then followed up by saying “Do you still smoke the same amount of Cannabis everyday during your 60 days of fitness?”
Game immediately responded:
“I don’t give a fuck about that, I don’t stop smoking no weed for no fitness or no nothing”

“If I got to Heaven and Jesus told me there’s no smoking, I would have to turn around, and you know down in Hell they got the Light!”

This proves that even a heavy weed consumer can be great in multiple endeavors as well as staying at an elite level of fitness.
Does this make marijuana a Performance Enhancing Drug?
Hopefully they don’t start testing gamers for PED’s!