Logic Showcases Knowledge Of Sneakers And His Fashion Inspirations

Logic shows off his knowledge of sneaker culture and revealed the rappers who inspire his fashion.
According to Logic, his first pair of Jordan’s were the Infared 6’s, the OG’s in Black and in White.”
Regarding wearing the Nike FoamPosit sneaker that is a staple of Logic’s home city of Washington DC, he said “no! Maybe if I was on the Titanic and needed to float.”
Logic goes on to tell a story how he wore his homies shoes to school one day.
His friend from Gaithersburg High left a pair of Jordan 13’s at his mom’s crib and instead of returning them he rocked them to school the next day.
“That’s the only real borrowing from my big brother moment,” Logic claimed.
The most expensive sneakers he owns were a gifted pair of Yeezy’s but he revealed his opinion on Kanye’s sneak saying “I think they are ugly, I’m just not a running shoe guy, I just like high top sneakers.”
Ultimately logic sustains a pretty basic “every guy” kind of wardrobe.
However he looks up to artists such as A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott for their consistent trendsetting fashion sense.