These Stupid (and Offensive) Memes Cost Students Their Education At Harvard

A group of Harvard students have learned the hard way that private group chats are not so private.

At least 10 members of the “horny bourgeois teens” private Facebook group have had their admissions rescinded to the Ivy League school, over some stupid memes.
The students, who are part of the Class of 2021, made or shared some wild images, joking on things like child molestation and bestiality.
Other of images put Mexicans, Arabs and Jews in the students’ crosshairs.
An investigation started in April, after another student who was outraged by the images in the private group, sent the memes to officials at Harvard.
Harvard officials have come down hard on the students and the decision to rescind their offers is final.
Check out of the few of the offenses memes that cost 10 students their Harvard education: