This Hip-Hop Album Cover Cost A Former Student His Job At A Christian College

Are college campuses becoming too sensitive when you become when it comes to freedom of expression on the Internet?

The question made national headlines earlier this month when a group of Harvard students were fired for a bunch of politically incorrect pictures they posted to a private Facebook group.
While that argument was raging in the media, another college in Indiana took action against an employee, over a hip-hop album cover and posted a Facebook page.
Grace College & Seminary fired Evan Kilgore, the former student body president who was working as a special projects coordinator for the school marketing department.×620.jpg
The administrators at the stuffy Christian college felt the photo below was “racially insensitive.”
The “NGA” stands for “not Grace appropriate,” which is apparently a slogan at the college.
The picture caused some backlash on the Grace College & Seminary page it was posted to, with some speculating the “N” really stood for the N word.
One user became extremely emotional over the image.
“What point are you trying to make? That your gangster, thug hood? Like I’m really confused because often times those terms are considered to be negative,” said one extremely emotional commenter.
Even though Aaron Crabtree, the dean of students at the college like the photo, Evan Kilgore was still 86’d.
Kilgore attempted to defend himself, but he was still asked by the human services department.
“Saying something is not Grace appropriate is a common phrase used among the student body and faculty at Grace,” Evan Kilgore claims.
Two other employees were fired over the pictures for good measure.
Should this photo have cost Evan Kilgore his job?