#WCW October Gonzalez: The Real “Fox” On “Beat Shazam”

Jamie Foxx has been making the rounds to publicize his new show “Beat Shazam” and on the game show, Jamie challenges contestants in a “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” type of contest for music.
Jamie is his usual funny, charming self, but the real “fox” on the show is his sidekick, October Gonzalez.
October Gonzalez serves as the house DJ on “Beat Shazam” and Jamie’s co-host on the hit show.
October has been getting national exposure on “Beat Shazam,” since it airs nationwide, ironically on Fox, each Thursday.

October was born on October 10, 1980.


Her family was in show business since her father was part of the hit 1970s band Redbone, but October didn’t have it so easy growing up.

October lived with her aunt and uncle in Florida after both of her parents became addicted to drugs.


After October graduated from Brooks Senior High, she attended the University of Texas at Austin.

October has two children with and is married to NFL player Tony Gonzalez.


October also posed nude for an ad for Peta (with her husband) and she is also well-known for her charitable work with children.

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