What We Think About: 2 Chainz' "Pretty Girls Like Trap Music"

2 Chainz aka TityBoi dropped his fourth album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music on June 16.

The title is intriguing because it’s funny, true to 2 Chainz character, and it’s also a clever play off the saying “good girls like bad guys.”
The name not only ties into the wave of trap music right now but also the trap lifestyle 2 Chainz used to live.
Joe Budden told 2 Chainz on Everyday Struggle that he is “beloved by the young and old artists” and this is because of his uncanny ability to reinvent himself with each era and his businessman mentality – what other rapper is able to make millions from selling custom Christmas sweaters?
2 Chainz also gave credit to the newer artists. He does Migos’ ad libs, features Swae Lee, and even samples a Travis Scott song.
On this trapped out album, you hear 2 Chainz reflective on his previous Trap lifestyle as he thanks it for getting him to where he is now, yet acknowledges it’s downfalls.

“Saturday Night”

I love the piano intro to this super guitar heavy track where 2 Chainz talks about his past, current success, and gives props to those that have also made it out the trap. It’s definitely something to jam out to, complete with the Migos’ “MAMA” ad lib.

“Enough of the negative actions/I got my paycheck off passion”

“Riverdale Rd”

On this single, he talks about his activities on Riverdale Road where he used to trap. He mentions how seeing “gold everywhere” is what made him decide to begin trapping.

“I was the same ol’ nigga /Yeah, that trap had raised a nigga/ How could you blame a nigga?”

“Good Drank” featuring Gucci Mane and Quavo

An early favorite from this album, this is a mesmerizing classic Atlanta trap collaboration with Gucci Mane and Quavo. To date, it has almost 54 million plays on Spotify and climbing every day.

“4 am” featuring Travis Scott

This single released before the album and features fellow trap artist, Travis Scott. 2 Chainz and Travis rap about going to a party that is still going on at 4:00 am “so it must be lit.” The outro features Black Tony, a character from “The Ricky Smiley Show” radio doing one of his skits.

“Door Swangin”

On this hard working trap anthem, 2 Chainz raps about how he “can’t forget how [he] fucking had that door swinging.” He discusses his day to day life when he used to trap and work hard because he “had to go get it.”


“Realize” features superstar Nicki Minaj and they talk about people they thought had their back, but weren’t who they say they were. 2 Chainz declares himself as king of the trap and throws shots at the government and mumble rappers.
Nicki Minaj also takes advantage of this opportunity to throw more shots at Remy Ma.

She say she doin’ it, where? She wanna sit in my chair/But she could never be my heir…I’ve been winning 8 years consistently/at least respect it/Papoose wrote a Ether record/But I broke Aretha record”

She also threw a shot at her ex, Meek Mill.

“Look at these niggas I put on/All of these niggas I’m good on”

“Poor Fool” featuring Swae Lee

This single could be the next hit from this album with the feature, Swae Lee. Produced by Mike Will Made It, this song is another confirmation that Swae should go solo. This song is about advice given to them from their mothers and 2 Chainz names those who taught him growing up such as rapper Scarface and actor Scarface aka Al Pacino.

“They call me TityBoi ‘cause she used to spoil me.”

“Big Amount” featuring Drake

This single was released August 2016 and 2 Chainz explained to DJ Akademiks that it is on this album for streaming purposes. In this classic braggadocious single, 2 Chainz and Drake spit about how much money they have.

“Everywhere I go, the rod with me/’Cause these niggas actin’ too fishy” 2 Chainz

“Rap is somethin’ I do on the side/Crossed over to the other side /And I didn’t even have to die” Drake

“It’s A Vibe” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz, and Jhene Aiko

This slow trap night time jam is my favorite song from the album. It was the 3rd single released from the album. 2 Chainz melodic raps, Ty Dolla $ign’s dreamy voice, and Trey Songz and Jhene Aiko’s impeccable vocals combine to create this hit about, well, vibes.

“Rolls Royce Bitch”

2 Chainz talks about believing in yourself because that’s how you’re going to make it. He talks about his trap lifestyle and his time spent in jail but reminds himself to believe in himself and keep working hard. He possibly throws a shot at Lil Uzi Vert saying

“I got felonies that older than y’all niggas/Your swag like RuPaul, I’m appalled, nigga”

“I mean anything around me that’s against us, they can’t be/I got God on my side, that’s all I need to ride”

“Sleep When U Die”

On “Sleep When U Die” 2 Chainz raps about his grind from trapping to the top. He samples Travis Scott’s antidote and OJ Da Juiceman “Aye” and “Okay.” 2 Chainz is paying homage to a hip-hop veteran as well as one of the newer rappers.

“Hard work beats talent.”

“Trap Check”

On this song, 2 Chainz is rapping about checks. The checks he’s talking about has a double meaning; one for cash, either from trapping or rapping and the other he’s using the word check as if checking items off a list. The intro samples lyrics from Jeezy’s “Get Ya Mind Right” and I think this could be a single. He spins into the outro which is a sample from T.I.’s “ASAP” that just made this another Atlanta theme without any features.

“Yea I used to pitch, you should see my wind up/Nigga fuck with me ain’t no telling where you wind up”

“Blue Cheese” featuring Migos

2 Chainz enlists on the Migos for this single about “blue cheese”; slang for blue-striped one hundred dollar bills which they rap about having plenty of.

“My side chick got pregnant by her main dude and I’m offended/I called, she ain’t pick up, I text her back, bitch you stingy”

“OG Kush Diet”

On this weed anthem, 2 Chainz raps about his friend dying so he copes with it by smoking. He calls out the White House claiming “I might take a can of paint and go paint the white house”

“Presence been felt everywhere / Except let me see, yeah the White House”

“Bailan” featuring Pharrell Williams

This song features the talented Pharrell Williams and they sing about dancing with a girl. Bailan is Spanish for to dance and it has a catchy Caribbean beat that makes you want to get up and dance. I love this song, but it doesn’t really fit on this album.

“I’m on flights over lights, I’m so close up to Christ / I might ask for advice, I might ask for it twice”

“Burglar Bars” featuring Monica

2 Chainz closes out the album by starting this song off with Louis Farrakhan talking about him. This song celebrates his success and getting out from the bottom. His mom was an addict and his dad was the dealer, an unstable scene which fortunately ended up getting the rapper to where he is now. Complete with Monica, this a perfect ending to the album.

“I’m no Black activist / I’m a Black millionaire, give you my Black ass to kiss”