Will Microsoft's Xbox One X Be Worth The $499 Price Tag?

Xbox has unveiled their new consumer console titled “X-Box One X” as a rival system to Sony’s PlayStation’s PlayStation 4 Pro.
Microsoft’s latest Xbox One X will allow users to play games in 4K ultra high definition.
This graphics update should encourage fans since titles like “Crackdown 3, “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” “Forza Motorsport 7” and “Crackdown 3” will release just prior to the launch of the Xbox One X.
Last year’s Xbox One S was dramatically slimmer than the previous models Xbox had put out.
This slim design will carry over to the Xbox One X console which is now the smallest Xbox console ever created.
The release date of November 7 will certainly be a day to look forward to and at $499 The Xbox One X may be quite an investment for younger Microsoft consumers, but may be within the range for most parents looking for a great Christmas gift in 2017.

Microsoft’s newest design will be priced $100 higher than the PlayStation 4 Pro and unfortunately, does not include any virtual reality technology.
These could be determining factors into which product takes off in the video game market the fastest.
One thing is for sure, this console will reinvent how we see play games forever.