What We Think About: Young Thug's "Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls"

Young Thug released his debut album, Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls on Tupac’s birthday, claiming he was the “New Pac” and that he was finishing what Tupac started.

Kodak Black and Troy Ave have also made similar claims to them being the second coming Pac.
EBBTG, which was produced by Drake, blends together rap, R&B, pop, and country that sounds heavily inspired by Lil Wayne, even down to the cover that depicts Thugger with a guitar, reminiscent of Wayne’s 2010 Rebirth cover.
Thug had a few standouts on this album, but all together it was a great cohesive body of work.

Family Don’t Matter featuring Millie Go Lightly

This country trap song seemed to be the least favorite among fans, especially because of the “Yee-Haw” ad lib. Thug discusses relationships with a frequent collaborator on this album, London singer, Millie Go Lightly. Personally, I loved the song. The way the beat dropped when his verse began was perfect and Millie has a beautiful voice.

Tomorrow ‘Til Infinity

Young Thug sings about a girl that is so special to him that he’ll do anything in his power to keep her from leaving him. It’s a nice classic trap love song.

“Yeah, I’m the black Christian Grey, you know what I’m sayin’? / I got fifty shades of baes with me, fifty different bitches”

She Wanna Party featuring Millie Go Lightly

“She Wanna Party” is one of my favorite songs on the album. Thug and Millie sing about a potential love interest but Thug wants to know if she can handle his lifestyle first. Thug’s flow over the beat to this song is everything to me and you can definitely hear some Lil Wayne influence.

“I’m not a dentist but a nigga flossin’/I’m fresh to death, they say I should be coffin”

Daddy’s Birthday

In this typical trap song Thug brags about his jewelry and fashion taste. I could do without this one.

“I’m so busy it’s making me feel like I’m in and out my kids’ lives”

Do You Love Me

In this Caribbean-esque song, Thug uses a sample from Yellow Claw’s “Invitation.” On this song Thug wants to know if she loves him because he will cut everyone off for her. I love him singing in this song, he sounds Wyclef Jean-ish.

“I ain’t fuck none of these lil’ girls like I got AIDS for you”

Relationship featuring Future

This song with Future could be the first single from this album. This is their second collaboration together after DJ Esco’s “Who” and they brag about being in a relationship and treating their women like queens.

You Said

In this bedroom banger, Thug describes a relationship where his girl makes promises that she doesn’t make good on. She seems to only have a sexual attraction to Thugga when he wants an actual relationship.

On Fire

I’m not quite sure what this song is about but he has a few catchy lines. I could’ve done without it.

Get High featuring Snoop Dogg and Lil Durk

Thugger, Snoop, and Lil Durk all combine to create this song about getting high. They have all made similar songs before on their own, but this is the first collaboration with Snoop Dogg for both of them. It is an Atlanta twist about getting high, having sex, and making money.

“I be out here gettin’ it, gotta get it ’cause I got it on/I’m the same nigga that you bitch niggas plotted on.”

Feel It

In mid-2015, Thugs fiance, Jerrika Karlae, posted a clip of this bedtime banger on her Instagram. The song ended up being leaked early 2017 and then re-mixed and mastered and they decided to put it on this album, which was a good choice.

“I don’t wanna buy your love, I wanna feel it/Build that bitch up from the ground, never won’t tear that bitch down”

Me Or Us

This Post Malone inspired and produced song originally started out as a snippet two years ago and showcases Thug rapping over a banjo and other various instruments. On this song, he’s asking if she wants the relationship more than she wants to be independent.

Oh Yeah

I love the background vocals on this song as Young Thug is singing about one of his six kids. He sings about times with a specific woman so fans speculate it to be either the mother of the child or his fiancee.

For Y’all featuring Jacquees

On this track, Thug talks about all of the sacrifices he made to get where he is now and he’s finally in a position where he can take care of everyone around him. He calls on fellow Cash Money artist, Jacquees, for the vocals.

“I did everything for y’all to ball/Tell y’all risked it all to see a smile on y’all/I risked my future goals for all y’all”

Take Care

This was a nice closing to the album where he talks about wanting to take care of a woman, sexually and financially. It’s one of the more upbeat songs on the album and also has the potential to get radio play.