Here Is Why The Blac Chyna/Rob Kardashian Feud Is More Disturbing Than Entertaining

It all started out with that infamous pic that Blac Chyna posted with a man kissing her on the cheek.

The man’s arm, complete with tattoos, identified the guy as Rob Kardashian.
We would go on to see Rob lose a crazy amount of weight and make appearances, something he hadn’t done for years, including his own sister Kim’s wedding or birthday party.
From the smoothies to the healthy food she made him, to the disgusting amount of PDA we watched play out in their frequently updated Snapchats, it was obvious that Blac Chyna was the driving force behind Rob’s transformation.
Rob was sprung, and only 10 weeks later he proposed to her and a month later she became pregnant with their child, Dream.
In true Kardashian form, a reality tv show was born, “Rob & Chyna,” and I watched every episode.
No one really knew much about Blac Chyna besides her being Tyga’s baby mama, a former stripper, and Amber Rose’s best friend, so this show displayed her personality, which I liked.

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Dream Renee Kardashian ???? @dream

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Their relationship was obviously rocky and it was very evident it wouldn’t last.
But it was entertaining to see Blac Chyna tie Rob up and smack him with a leather whip, or fight over basic things, like french fries.
Then, we started seeing things fall apart. First, Rob deleted all of their pictures from his Instagram, leaving a picture of just himself.
Then he went on a blocking spree and blocked his sisters and Chyna from his social media and Instagram, going back to his isolated behavior.
But as it got closer to his daughter being born, Rob started posting positive things about Chyna and himself so we started thinking things were straight again because the realization that his first child was about to enter the world was enough to make him change.
But soon after Dream was born, Blac Chyna’s Instagram was “hacked, – she implied by Rob – and leaked messages between Blac Chyna, Young Thug, Jaden Smith, and her lawyer.
The leaks revealed Chyna was talking about using Rob and cheating on him with other men, in addition to her plans for leaving him.
Rob took to his favorite venting place, Instagram, and Snapchat, to air out Blac Chyna, accusing her of taking Dream and leaving.

Then, of course, it’s the usual “I’m going to get help, I’m sorry for my actions” post from Rob.
When Rob came on social media, the couple seemed to be fine.
Then the wedding was off and then the next thing I knew Rob was dating Meghan James from “Bad Girls Club,” something Rob denied.

But then we started seeing Rob and Chyna around together and there were reports that they were trying to work out their relationship, I was assuming for the second series of their tv show which has been green-lighted.
Next thing we know Rob is putting Blac Chyna on full blast, exposing her nudes and guys he suspected of her cheating on him with (in his robe).

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WOW!!! These words are explosive ????—–> #repost #ivyunleashed •••••••••••••••••••••••••• #BlacChyna is a hypocrite who is every bit as much of a bully as #RobKardashian, so claims the guy she once allegedly dated. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Pilot Jones says Chyna all but ruined his life after their breakup when she posted his phone number and he began receiving a torrent of death threats. He says he had to move out of L.A. it got so bad. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ He also says Chyna outed him as bisexual and the situation became so intense he tried to commit suicide. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ But Pilot says there was a silver lining. He became a Buddhist and has found peace. This sounds like a classic smear campaign. We wonder who's behind it? ????

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The overall reaction from fans to celebrities weighing in on the matter, was more so negative towards Rob, saying that it’s his fault because everyone told him he was getting played but he ignored it.
We all know someone who was in a terrible relationship and you told her/him to leave the person but they were so blind in love they wouldn’t listen.
Rob definitely had his part in this situation, but let’s stop acting like what Blac Chyna did “empowered” women in any way.
Blac Chyna has a lawyer representing her against Rob to prevent him from posting any more pictures and was granted a restraining order against the infamous Kardashian.

In Rob’s defense, I think the fact that he is constantly lashing out on social media is showing us how lonely he is.
He has no one to talk to because his sisters will make it an episode about it, so he tells the world. That’s indicative of a problem way deeper than this that everyone is overlooking.
Blac Chyna came into Rob’s life when he was clearly very vulnerable in a bad space and someone like that is extremely easy to manipulate.
Her whole agenda – made clear with the text messages that were leaked – was to get back at Tyga and Kylie Jenner by having a Kardashian baby.

Of course, it’s the perfect plan to ensure that Dream has whatever she needs for the rest of her life, and if there’s any family to extort why not the Kardashians, who have been accused of appropriating black culture for years.
She, as Snoop Dogg so eloquently put it, “saw a sucker and licked it.”
But what we fail to realize is that Rob is a person with human feelings who expresses them incorrectly.
Blac Chyna’s plan isn’t anything to laugh at and certainly is nothing to celebrate because it came at the expense of someone else.
Let’s not forget about this child trapped in the middle that will read about her parents one day.