Cam Newton Says His Sneaker Is A Reflection Of His Personality

Hopefully, Under Armour will have success with the release of Cam Newton’s sneaker.
The last time the company released a sneak from a major athlete, it was Steph Curry’s “Curry 2″ Lows.
Even though the sneak had some decent sales thanks to Steph Curry star power, the Internet pretty much clown the plain white design as soon as it was released.
Cam Newton is shooting for something better, with his C1N.
Cam is heading up his own marketing campaign called “Ferocity Meets Artistry.”
“Ferocity reflects the hard work that goes into improvement and striving for success. It is never easy and not glamorous,” Cam Newton told AdFreak in an interview about his new sneaker.
“Artistry is the confidence to remain true to yourself under all circumstances. To be beautifully you. The C1N shoe transitions between both of these worlds. The hard work of training and preparing for competition. And the boldness of lifestyle and fashion. It is a reflection of the different shades of my personality on and off the field.”