Donald Trump, Republicans and The Cops Are Gonna Take Your Money

Back in October of 2015, convicted drug dealer Freeway Rick Ross ran afoul of the law, even though he did nothing wrong.
It seems the Feds were suspicious of Freeway, who was traveling with over $100,000 in cash to buy a property he was interested in owning.
The cops seized the money, and accused Freeway of being involved in some sort of criminal activity, even though it proved to be false.
“I had all the paperwork for the house in the car and showed it to the guy. But when you are talking to a guy that believes you are a criminal, he believes absolutely nothing that you say.
Luckily, Freeway was able to get his money back, but he might have a much more difficult time under Donald Trump’s administration.
Trump and the Republicans have scaled back restrictions on civil-asset forfeiture.
The practice bascially allows law enforcement officials to seize property from citizens on mere suspicion of criminal activity.
Many critics fear the Republicans will use this is a weapon against the American people, who has been accused of a crime, but not convicted.
The practice clearly goes against the fourth and fifth amendments of the Constitution, but Republicans and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, apparently see nothing wrong with the practice.