How Drake's Stage Show Forced John Mayer To Step His Game Up

There is no questioning the fact that Drake is one of the leading artists who has helped make hip-hop the most dominant force of music in the United States.
But Drake’s influence extends well beyond the realm of streaming and music sales.
The rap star has also been an innovator when it comes to his live stage shows.
His most recent outing, the “Boy Meets World” tour,” garnered praise from fans and critics alike.
This was mostly because of the huge, red, 3d inflatable globe, which almost consumed Travis Scott on one date.
In addition to making rappers step up their game, Drake is putting the pressure on rock artists too.
John Mayer was forced to step up his own production after witnessing a Drake show first hand.
“I got my start open mic nights coffee shops, and in the middle of the song, the coffee grinder could be going,” John Mayer said.
Mayer’s vision for his live show expanded after he saw Drake live.

“I went and saw Drake’s show. Real artists say ‘wow’ and then they go ‘shit.'” – John Mayer

For John Mayer, the days of small crowds in the tiny coffee shops are long gone.
The stunning display of visuals at Drake’s show made John Mayer tweak his own live stage shows in a major way.
“I’m doing the big bad LED show, but in a way that tells a story about me,” John Mayer revealed.