HBCU Summerfest Uses Hip-Hop To Attract and Inspire Students

HBCU Summer Fest 2017 will be coming to Atlanta, Georgia August 3rd-6th, 2017.
CampusLately described the event as “an outward manifestation of the royalty inside our [African Americans] DNA” and was originally going to be an HBCU picnic, similar to Greek life picnics.
That idea grew into an extended week, like the usual homecoming week, but the founders chose to have it in the summer so there would be no conflicting events, since fall homecomings are typically around the same time.
The goal of HBCU Summer Fest is to reach all age demographics through events that are specialized to aspiring students, current students, and HBCU alums to showcasing the relevancy and importance of HBCUs.
Meet Blake Nathan and Brittany Stephans; the founders of HBCU Summer Fest.
Not only are they themselves HBCU graduates, but so are their parents. Their passion in keeping the HBCU legacy alive along with hard work created Summer Fest.

Blake is a graduate from Tennessee State University and has two Masters degrees behind his name. He founded Educate Me because he wanted to encourage more black and brown educators.
He loves event planning and Macadamia Nut cookies, plays in an adult baseball league, and escapes a stressful day by listening to gospel music, motivational podcasts, and prayer.
Brittany graduated from Lincoln University and earned her Masters at Central State University.
She loves to read, dance to Beyonce, chocolate chip cookies, and escapes a stressful day by following these specific steps: watching her Flipagram vision board, prayer, reading a positive message, and listening to her “Happy Playlist” which includes Sounds of Blackness “Optimistic” and Kirk Franklin “Lovely Day”.