How A Bathroom Break Lead To Nipsey Hussle's New Smart Store

Rapper Nipsey Hussle is out to prove he’s way more than just a independent successful independent hip-hop artist.

For years, Nipsey has run his independent label All Money In, successfully, releasing albums like The Marathon, Crenshaw, Mailbox Money and more, all on his own.
Nip was even enterprising enough, to release an album that cost $100 each, with the intention of selling only 1,000 – all of which went like hotcakes.
Nipsey’s latest endeavor is what he bills as “the world’s first smart store.”
Nipsey open the store in his hometown of Los Angeles, right in the hood at Crenshaw and Slauson, earlier this month.
But the business venture would have never even come to fruition, had it not been for a chance meeting in Starbucks, when Nipsey was taking his daughter to use the bathroom.
Nipsey spotted a young dude working on his laptop and he was immediately intrigued.

“He was doing something with his hands, and it was being represented on the screen,” Nipsey recalled.

The two men struck up a conversation, and now Idree Sandu is the CTO of Nipsey’s brand All Money In.
“There’s an app that you can download to activate the features of the store, The Marathon Store app. When you walk into the store, there’s going to be tags on the clothing that have content on them,” Nipsey explained. “So we will promote a certain shirt, and there will be a piece of content that’s programmed specifically to the shirt. So when the shirt drops, you also get the shirt, but you also get a piece of content. It’s not on iTunes, it’s not on YouTube, is not in the cloud and you can’t consume it anywhere else.”
Nipsey invited out a bunch of celebrities at the recent opening of The Marathon Store. Check out some footage:`