Is Gucci Mane The Most Inspirational Man On Twitter?

One of the great things about Twitter is that it gives everyone a voice, allowing people to show how they think about the world.
Everyone knows where to look for inspirational Tweets on Twitter – from dedicated motivational accounts like @Revrun and his Words of Wisdom, to celebs like @Lin_Manuel and @ChancetheRapper, who inspire their followers on a daily basis.
However, some celebs are more inspirational than you might have guessed.
One good example is Gucci Mane – his Tweets are some of the most inspiring out there.
Gucci’s daily inspo-Tweets are liked and RTed like crazy by fans.
A great example of his inspirational voice on Twitter can be seen in his most RTed Tweet of all time, here.

Gucci offers up some amazing insight in his Tweets if you watch carefully.

Here is an enlightened side of Gucci Mane that might never have been known without these Tweets.

Gucci has been through a lot in his career, from being charged with murder, to several long stints in jail. But the rapper has managed to over come these hurdles and stay positive at the same damn time.