Singer Caprice Quinn Represents For The Ladies Everywhere Around The World

By: Angela “Miss M” Morrisey

Australian artist, Caprice Quinn has written and produced an epic urban, R’n’B track for International Women’s Day, highlighting the struggles of women around the world.

She has collaborated with Kaylah Truth and Elena Maria Wangurra to create a song called “No More Silhouettes,” a call to arms for women everywhere to unite and let their light shine.
Caprice is a Polynesian singer-songwriter, director, partner and mother-of-three and is aware of the challenges facing women in music and the community at large.
With the World Economic Forum predicting the gender gap won’t close entirely until 2186 – that’s 169 years – we have much work to do!
Written, produced and directed independently by Quinn and production partner Druovanni, No More Silhouettes is a metaphorical call to arms for “sisters all around the world to unite, illuminate and shine their light for a brighter future.”
The film clip is set in an underground bunker, which Caprice said characterizes, “all the potential that lies within women, despite constant, varying degrees of oppression and gives us a place to rise from.”
The lyrics are very strong and powerful:

“Strength goes around and round on point, pirouette/Love unconditional like Juliet/Sans shadow the will see no more silhouette/In the flesh, all of me in full effect/A free thinking Queen who will not accept/That they prefer my mouth, heart and brain to not connect/So now they’re comin’ for my head – Marie Antoinette.”

Truly, the song is a call to arms for women everywhere to stand up and be counted.
It’s been 104 years since Emily Davison martyred herself for the right for women to vote in the UK.
It’s important that women take full advantage of the rights they now have and strive to keep improving the status of women.
For as Caprice sings,
Ladies, the time has come/To show the world our power/For far too long we have lived in the shadows/You are not alone/If you are hearing this transmission/You have been chosen/Illuminate/Shine/The revolution has begun…”

Article by: Angela “Miss M” Morrisey