The Spotifive: New Hip-Hop Singles From Nav, Meek Mill, Cousin Stizz (July 14-21)

Check out the reviews of the latest singles you need to listen to this week.

“Call Me” NAV featuring Metro Boomin

This is one of the two singles that Nav and Metro Boomin released from their upcoming project together. In this song, Nav reflects on his past and everything he’s been through since becoming famous and wishes “you would call me up.” He is realizing how lonely he is and wondering if the people around him are there for him or his fame. This is my favorite song from Nav and I’m hoping the rest of the album has this same fire.

“Issues” Meek Mill

“Issues” is the first of the singles that Meek has released lately that has the artwork for his upcoming album, Wins and Losses. The chorus of this song talks about him not being able to “trust a bitch, ‘cause I got issues” which people think he’s referring to Nicki Minaj. He also says, “I just made like 20 M’s and they say it’s an L (what?) Niggas prayin’ that I fall and I wish ‘em well” which has people suspecting those bars are geared towards Drake and their beef.

“No Ice” Cousin Stizz

This new Boston rapper had a single out called “Shoutout” a couple of years ago that was cosigned by Drake and he’s been on the rise ever since. “Stizzy pop up stuntin’, Stizzy really came from nothin’.” His catchy chorus over a classic trap beat makes this song stand out.

“Sway Remix” NexXthursday featuring Quavo & Lil Yachty

NexXthursday released this song originally a year ago with two other rappers and on the remix Quavo and Yachty take their spot for the second and third verse, respectively. The song is talking about their luxurious lifestyle with new cars and girls every day. I’m not sure who NexXthursday is to have gotten the two of the biggest rappers right now on a remix of his song, because he didn’t seem to have much buzz around him before this.

“Summer Bummer” Lana Del Rey featuring A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti

This is the fourth single Lana has dropped from her new album. She dropped another song also featuring A$AP that fans received when they preordered the album. Her haunting voice also blends well into the mystique of trap music and balances perfectly against A$AP and Playboi Carti’s raps.