A Prank Got This YouTuber Arrested

In July, YouTuber HoodGamingTV uploaded a video of him doing an “escaped inmate” prank.
In the video, HoodGamingTV donned full prison attire, including an orange jumpsuit, flip flops and handcuffs, fake of course.
He walked around near a Nebraska gas station asking people for rides, even the mailman. One man commanded him to get on the ground with his arms stretched out.
HoodGamingTV, whose real name is David Mitchell, was in for an unpleasant surprise when police officers showed up.
After he told them about the prank, they proceeded to arrest and issue a citation as a promise to appear in court due to the gas station pressing charges.
The situation garnered attention from local media, as news station WOWT interviewed Mitchell and aired a story about the prank. The Omaha World Herald also wrote about the incident.
Mitchell has since criticized some of the stories for portraying him in a negative light after the inmate prank went wrong.
He said in a YouTube video that he owned a gaming repair shop at a young age and always had an entrepreneur type of mind-state.
“My whole life I wanted to be an actor, and this [YouTube] was a great opportunity for me because when I was kid we didn’t have the opportunity to express our creativity in this way because you had to be in LA or New York, not Omaha,” Mitchell said about his YouTube career.
He currently has  more than 200,000 subscribers.