Dan Bilzerian On Getting Heart Attacks from Partying Too Much

Pro poker player Dan Bilzerian sat down with Joe Rogan to detail his crazy party story that led to him having two heart attacks back to back.
He was 25-years-old at the time and it started with a trip to Utah with his frat brothers. After two intense back to back days of partying, Dan got really sick so he bought an IV from a medic and hooked it up by himself before getting on a plane to go to Vegas.
In Vegas, he was offering money to a stripper for sexual acts and needed a Viagra to help him. It didn’t work as fast as he wanted to, so he ended up taking 200 milligrams of Viagra.
After shortness of breath and pain, he took a cab to the hospital and found out he was in full blown cardiac arrest from a mixture of the alcohol, drugs, and of course the excess Viagra.
He also tells a creepy story about how the doctor was Conrad Murray, the doctor that caused Michael Jackson to die.
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