Eminem Explores The Brutal World Of Battling Rapping With "Bodied"

Eminem is supposedly taking a break from music, although there have been murmurs of him making music for another album with 2 Chainz and Dr. Dre.
But right now, Slim has turned his focus to making a new rap battle film appropriately named “Bodied.”
Eminem will be producing this movie that showcases the life of a graduate college student who propels to local fame after his rap battle thesis became more than just an essay.
He partnered with battle rap legend, Alex “Kid Twist” Larsen and music video director Joseph Kahn to bring this story to film. It has been described on the official website as “A satirical exploration of the world’s most artistically brutal sport-battle rapping.”
“Bodied” will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and will star familiar faces such as Charlamagne Tha God, Anthony Michael Hall, Calum Worthy and Debra Wilson, as well as several other battle rappers, such as Hollow Da Don, Loaded Lux, Dumbfounded and Dizaster.