Havoc On Coping With Death and Continuing Mobb Deep's Legacy

Havoc went on Wendy Williams and opened up about the passing of his friend and rap partner, Prodigy.
He just came from his son’s kindergarten graduation and “couldn’t pull over” when he got the devastating phone call.
“I was literally feeling like I was going to crash.”
Havoc detailed the last time he saw him which was in Vegas performing their hit “Shook Ones” together and Prodigy got sick during the show but he was able to finish.
That wasn’t anything new as Prodigy had discussed getting sick during shows before, sometimes where he wasn’t able to finish.

“I came to the realization that he was gone when I started seeing posts online.” – Havoc

Havoc promised to “keep the legacy going” and he’s going to continue making music.