Why Did Facebook Pull It's Snapchat-Like App For High Schoolers?

High school students across the globe will no longer have access to Facebook’s Snapchat-like clone dubbed,  Lifestage.
The app was recently pulled from app stores and will no stop targeting teens only a year after its release to the public.
According to App Annie, a business intelligence company and analyst firm, Lifestage ranked #1,392 in the App Store’s social media category at the time the app was clipped from Facebook’s extensive cordage of apps and places for users to interact with others.
Facebook also cut its Groups app which they say will now be part of the main platform.
Perhaps this is all part of Facebook’s plan to launch Pokemon-Go like groups within their apps so that people can react to various calls to action.
Kids will be able to use glasses and goggles with phones and enter a whole digital world separate from real life.
Or, maybe this is part of  Facebook’s goal to address the increasing safety concerns online after a young female was sexually assaulted on Facebook live this past year and several others committed suicide or other acts of violence on the platform.
Nevertheless, a change is coming.
Check out a statement from Facebook below:

Earlier this summer at the Facebook Communities Summit, we reaffirmed our commitment to groups with the announcement of our new company mission centered around building communities and introducing several new features, including Group Insights, to help group admins grow and strengthen their communities. Since then, the groups team has been working on additional tools to improve the overall groups experience and we’ve found that we can do more with and for the community by investing in the main Facebook app.
Because we’re focusing on groups in the main Facebook app and on facebook.com, we are discontinuing the Facebook Groups app for iOS and Android. This means you won’t be able to log into the Facebook Groups app after September 1, 2017. All of your groups from this app will be available in the main Facebook app, where you can continue to connect with all your communities.