Viral Sensation Professor A.D. Carson Drops New Mixtape For Students To Study

A.D. Carson became a viral sensation over the summer, after the dissertation, he presented at Clemson went viral.

Instead of writing the traditional paper most students would have submitted, A.D. Carson made a bold decision and presented his in the form of a 34-track hip-hop album titled Owning My Masters: The Rhetorics Of Rhymes & Revolutions, based on the works of Ralph Ellison.
A.D.’s hard work, and Internet fame helped him land a job at UVA’s McIntyre Department of Music this year, as a professor of hip-hop.
It is a busy time of the year for A.D. aka Aydee The Great, who just started teaching classes.
He also released a new album called “Sleepwalking, Volume One: A Mixtape.”
The album title has a deeper meaning since it draws from Ralph Ellison’s 1952 novel “Invisible Man.”
A.D. told UVA Today that the mixtape continues the work he was doing with Clemson with his dissertation, regarding Ellison’s work.

“It’s a perfect metaphor for the difficult work we have to do today, interrogating ourselves and asking ourselves how we might be sleepwalking.” – A.D. Carson to UVA Today.

The album also serves as content the students can study during his rapid writing and composition course.
So far, students are enjoying the class, since it allows them to do some critical thinking when it comes to issues in today’s polarized society.
“They are doing really great work, digging deep and engaging critically with their chosen topics,” A.D. Carson said.