Frat At University Of Louisiana Monroe Suspended For Going Full Racist

A fraternity at the University of Louisiana at Monroe has been suspended for making some shockingly racist comments.
The members of Kappa Sigma at ULM lost their minds recently in a GroupMe discussion about an upcoming assignment for an argumentative research project.
Here were some of the topics these geniuses cooked up:
“Blacks vs whites”
“Confederates vs union”
“The difference between niggers and black people”
“Why segregation should be brought back”
“Why black quarterbacks don’t win championships”
“Why coloreds don’t play baseball anymore”
“Why black lives don’t matter
Screencaps of the conversation were leaked, causing outrage among the student population at the University.
When ULM president Nick Bruno got wind of the growing controversy, he immediately suspended the fraternity and issued a warning to other students.
“As president of ULM, I am angry and embarrassed that students of this institution chose to conduct themselves in this manner,” President Nick Bruno said. “I do not and will not condone such behavior or actions nor will I tolerate them. I apologize to our students and the community who have been offended by these callous and insensitive statements and actions.
You can be assured that a thorough investigation will be conducted and appropriate actions will be taken.”
While the suspension should help, students say it’s definitely not the end of the issue at the University of Louisiana at Monroe.
According to one student, racism is rampant throughout the student body at the University.
“It’s definitely not just Kappa Sigma. I’m 100 percent sure if we looked in the rest of the GroupMe conversations from the rest of the National Panhellenic Conference frat/sororities here at ULM you’d see the the same exact conversation just in different forms. Kappa Sig just got caught and they’re paying for it,” the student said.