From Bagels to Octopus: Action Bronson's Tips For Broke Hungry Students

Action Bronson is known for cooking up some pretty dope hip-hop lyrics, but he’s also a master chef who can spin up meals to delight your taste buds in addition to your earbuds.
The rapper just released a new cookbook titled “F**k, That’s Delicious: An Annotated Guide To Eating Well.”
Now that school is in, Action Bronson was kind enough to offer up his culinary expertise for broke students on a budget.
Action offered up four easy recipes to, that any student can take advantage of when they’re starving.
“I feel like once you read this book, you’re an expert,” Action Bronson told NME. “It’s so easy and approachable and allows you to not be nervous and worry about having people judge you, because fuck it, you know things are just gonna taste good. I got you. Trust me.”
From bagels to octopus, Action has you covered, and the recipes really do look quite easy.