GZA Checks Anyone Who Thinks "Dark Matter' Will Be A "Nerdy" Album

Wu-Tang Clan rapper GZA was recently a guest at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he addressed students, faculty to discuss his love for science.

Their appearance was part of just his involvement in a new outreach program called Science Genius. Science Genius is a collaboration between GZA, and Chris Emdin, who is a professor at Columbia University.

The program is designed to use hip-hop to get kids interested in science. GZA seems to be working on a masterpiece with his upcoming album Dark Matter.
He has consulted astrophysicist like Neil Degrasse Tyson, and the album is being scored by legendary composer Vangelis.
Vangelis is the man who composed the original theme music for Car Sagan’s influential series “The Cosmos” and the legendary “Chariots Of Fire” theme music.
GZA wants fans to know there’s nothing corny about his upcoming album Dark Matter, for those who may think he’s doing it stiff, uptight, nerdy album about science.
The average audience [and] the mainstream artists would think, ‘GZA is doing this album about science,’ they would swear it was corny and they wouldn’t even believe that I could even deliver the way I was delivering,” GZA explained. “They look at the subject and say it’s corny, it’s boring, it’s boring. But it’s all in the delivery and how you write it.”