Wyclef Jean Drops In On Temple Students With A Lecture On Arts and Hip-Hop

Rap star Wyclef Jean is far removed from a college classroom, but that doesn’t stop him from being actively involved with students throughout the year.

For example, Clef recently dropped in on Temple University students last week, to lecture in the “Hip-Hop and Black Culture“ class.

The class is run by teacher/lawyer T Timothy Welbeck.
During why Wyclef’s guest lecture, he told students that being on campus for him was critical and he visits at least seven colleges, annually.

“I’m an audio engineer by trade, so passing information is key from generation to generation.” – Wyclef Jean

“For me, every year, I believe in touching [down in] seven or eight schools, and the idea of teaching hip-hop in a billion-dollar industry is very important,” Wyclef explained. “Hip-Hop is business, it’s marketing, it’s invention — I look forward to seeing how the new generation keeps growing.”
Well it’s doubtful Wyclef will be getting back to college for any formal education, the rapper said she’s a student of music every single day.
“The great thing about music is every day, you are a student. The great thing about art is every day you are a student.”