Dr. Mary Bethune Reincarnated In Hit Hip-Hop Play

A student at Bethune-Cookman University is aiming for Broadway thanks to the success of his hip-hop play.

Gino Cyrus is a Junior at Bethune-Cookman, where he is a mass communications major.

Gino Cyrus has been showcasing his play “Mary’s Children” on campus.
When Gino is not studying or working at the Center for Information Technology on campus, he is producing the beats for his theatrical works.
During an interview with Study breaks.com, Gino Cyrus discussed the concept behind “Mary’s Children,” which is based on the life of Bethune-Cookman founder, Mary McLeod Bethune.

“I wondered if Dr. Bethune came to life and heard the music of today, how would she feel about it. What would she do as a result of hearing our music?” – Gino Cyrus

Gino said he came up with the concept for the play during Broadcast Production class.
In order to bring the play to life, Gino had to wear many hats, including scriptwriter, screenplay writer, videographer, photographer, editor, etc.
Gino Cyrus said he put in the work and the long hours to bring the project to fruition, in order to convey his important message.
“The origin of hip-hop is to raise consciousness of communities,” Gino Cyrus said. “I wanted to tell her story through a hip-hop perspective to break the barrier between generations.