Nipsey Hussle Is Getting Behind A New Cryptocurrency. Will He Find Success?

Nipsey Hussle has been on a mission to transform from a hardened street rapper with the utmost credibility, into an investor of the same caliber.

Recently the artist-turned-venture capitalist finalized a deal with the Cryptocurrency upstart “Follow Coin.”

With this most recent acquisition, Nipsey is quickly becoming a player of a different magnitude in a space where the right bet can pay off exponentially, considering BitCoin’s meteoric rise.

“The main question in my head like what is Follow Coin?
I understand cryptocurrency, I understand an unregulated form of currency, I understand peer-to-peer transaction online, but what is Follow Coin?

According to Nipsey:
“Basically what it is, there is a huge amount of value in this cryptocurrency space.
With trading and exchanging forms of currency at different times of acquisition, and different times of selling it similar to the stock market.
So there’s people that have been very successful over the last five or six years at trading currencies via different platforms.
There may be a big trade that takes place and you’ll hear about it next week and then you try to mirror it, but the opportunity came and passed, very similar to stocks.
Follow Coin gives you the opportunity to blend the social networking element with the purely financial element of being involved as being aware of great opportunities with socializing people that know about the great opportunities. It’s a platform to follow the top traders in cryptocurrency.”

The real bets are being hedged on when the mainstream market will allow retail purchases to be made via cryptocurrencies.
Once that buying dynamic changes, the worth of digital currencies is forecasted to skyrocket.
Nowhere in the world (except for Arnhem in the Netherlands) is currently equipped to process the virtual money yet.
Nipsey Hussle is staying true to the spirit of his name, and with that hustler’s mentality, he is transcending the way urban investors diversify into different verticals such as technology and cryptocurrency exchange.
Nipsey backed up his claim that this will be the new wave in finance and gave strong examples as to why he believes this is the future of money:

“There’s less than 1% penetration, and that’s a fact, because I can’t spend Bitcoin here, I got to still spend US dollars or MasterCard credit, or you know established credit.
(Arnham) is an example of what’s going to happen to the rest of the world and we think that if you get in now when the value spreads and accessibility spreads, you’ll be sitting on the right chair.
Being out here reaffirmed my belief in it and we decided to put our money where our mouth is.”