UK Rapper Lectures Particle Physics at CERN with Rap and Grime Album

A UK rapper is marrying hip-hop and particle physics, through an official partnership with CERN.

Consensus has a new album out titled ConCERNed, which has the aim of communicating the world of particle physics research creatively through grime and rap.

Consensus has a unique and inspiring story of working as a writer, researcher, computer programmer, workshop leader and performance artist which has led him to create this fascinating new work.

ConCERNed is a unique project of songs interpreting the most cutting-edge science in the world with outstanding hip-hop lyricism with a grime swagger earned from his upbringing in South London.
Consensus takes the listener on a journey through the field of particle physics after close collaboration with scientists at the CERN Nuclear Research facility in Geneva, Switzerland.
As a result, his work is accredited and endorsed by British particle physicist Sudan Paramesvaran of CERN the Art at CMS project.
The beats, choruses and playful elements mean that those with little experience of this extremely complex area of human knowledge can enjoy the album on a purely musically level.

“There is no doubt that this is the first time a rap artist has gone this in-depth, both in terms of subject matter and lyrical dexterity, at the cutting edge of humanity’s discoveries in particle physics.” Dr Koul, Official CMS – CERN article by Angelos Alexopoulos

Consensus and his work bridge the gap between music and science and have been covered in the media on London Live Television, BBC Radio, The Voice Newspaper and Influential blogs.
Consensus is currently planning a tour and a companion book to ConCERNed.