Does Tyler The Creator Have The Best Album Of 2017?

Eastern Connecticut State University’s Patrick Murtha runs down his Top Hip Hop Albums of 2017 and make’s a case to why Tyler the Creator’s album is better than Kendrick and Jay- Z.
“Flower Boy,” Tyler’s newest album, is the best album that I have ever listened to,” Patrick Murtha wrote on “Having borne witness to his progression as an artist, “Flower Boy” is not a transformation of Tyler’s music, but a culmination of everything that he has gone through and learned during his career; an acceptance of himself and who he is, and a reflection of where he is and how far he has come.

“Not only is “Flower Boy” the best album of the year, but it will likely stand the test of time.” – Patrick Murtha, Eastern Connecticut State University

Murtha, an admitted “Kendrick Stan” ranks K. Dot’s latest project #3 behind Jay z’s 4:44.
“Jay’s philosophy, and perspective, are gospel during the trying year of 2017, yet this album will remain relevant for decades. A classic,” Patrick Murtha said.
Do you agree?