The Feds Have A Super Secretive Program To Scan Tattoos And Track You

Most of us worry about big companies like Facebook and Google tracking all of our digital activities.
Thanks to the rise of smartphones, these companies track our habits, locations, what we purchase, and pretty much everything else we do.
If you think these people tracking and exploiting your behavior is intrusive, the federal government is trying to take it one step further.
According to a lawsuit, the feds are developing a highly sophisticated tattoo tracking tool, which would allow law enforcement to quickly scan, track and identify people.
The lawsuit was filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as part of a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the secretive program.

“Tracking tattoos disadvantages them as a form of free speech and also creates freedom of association concerns when people are matched with others for government surveillance and investigative purposes, sometimes incorrectly.” 

The lawsuit claims several of the government’s largest agencies, including Homeland Security, are refusing to turn over documents relating to the program.