Jamie Foxx Explains "The Mist" And How Diddy Saved Him From Rape Allegations

Being accused of rape is a serious matter, as we have seen over the past few months.
Rappers like XXXTentacion, ASAP Bari, Kodak Black, Mystikal, and Nelly have all been accused of rape over the past several months.
Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons was forced to step down from his companies, after 14 women accused him of sexual assault or in some cases, actually raping them.
Nelly scored a rare victory when prosecutors declined to charge him for raping a woman on his tour bus in October, in Washington.
The St. Louis rapper claimed he was falsely accused, and now he’s planning to bring his accuser to court to sue for defamation.
Jamie Foxx had a similar scare to Nelly’s during his hard-partying days.
In this 2011 clip from Jamie’s “The Foxxhole” radio show which aired on SiriusXM. the funnyman recounts a story of how Diddy came to his rescue during the early days of his comedic career before he was famous.

Jamie explains how people get a mysterious “mist” about them after they become famous. Diddy had this “mist,” which Jamie didn’t get his until the success of his hit movie “Ray.”
Jamie recounted a story of how he was at a party in 1997, with two stripper friends in tow from Seattle.
According to Jamie’s story, the girl’s were at a party hosted by Diddy when one of the girl’s asked him why they never had sex.
When Jamie Foxx came out of the bathroom, the woman was standing in front of the comedian “asshole naked.”
After they had sex, the Jamie said the woman did a 360 and flipped out, and the woman and her friend were threatening the actor and were threatening to go the cops.
That’s when a shirtless P-Diddy walked into the room.