Mad Skillz Schooled Uncle Murda And Now He's Schooling A Whole University This February

Virginia rapper Mad Skillz will have a lot to teach his upcoming class at the University of Richmond.

Skillz has recently been engaged in a heated “battle” with rapper Uncle Murda, who blatantly stole Skillz annual “Rap Up” while simultaneously dissing the budding Professor.

Skillz took Uncle Murda to school, issuing the vicious diss track “Murda Gram,” which just received a reply from the Brooklyn rapper in the form of the reply “Why U Mad.”
The battle and other subjects will no doubt be the topic of Mad Skillz new class at the University of Richmond.
Skillz will be an artist-in-residence at the institution starting this month.
He will partner with Dr. Erik Nielson, an associate professor of liberal arts, to co-teach “The Voice of Hip-Hop in America,” a course that explores the music genre’s evolution and influence on social and political culture.

“After taking this class, I want my students to not only know as much about Hip-Hop as we could fit into a semester but also learn something about themselves as well.” Mad Skillz

“I feel as though Hip-Hop can be used in academia and should have been a long time ago. It’s a part of these kids’ lives way before they even enter college and some of their parents’ as well,” Skillz told Diverse.
According to Professor Nielson, “The Voice of Hip-Hop in America” will not be an easy course and will require students to come with their critical thinking skills ready.
The class will explore misogyny, violence and other issues that plague America’s marginalized communities, which hip-hop typically gives a voice to.
“The Voice of Hip-Hop in America” is open to all traditional and evening students.
The University is hosting a panel discussion surrounding the class on February 19 at The University Of Richmond, with special guest and legendary producer Hank Shocklee of The Bomb Squad.