Pablo Escobar's Luxury Villa Could Be The Spot For Rappers

Rappers may have their newest location to shoot videos, thanks to Pablo Escobar.
Artists like Gucci Mane, Nas, and Wiz Khalifa and most recently Migos, have firmly etched Pablo Escobar’s name into the annals of hip-hop history.
In fact, Pablo’s name is ringing high on the charts this week, thanks to the chorus of Migos hit record “Narcos” from their album CULTURE II.
Among the vast real estate holdings confiscated by authorities after the drug baron was killed during the shootout with police in 1993, including a luxury resort he once owned.
The Casa Malca, which is located in Tulum, Mexico, has been turned into a luxury art hotel for curious tourists to ogle over.
Owners of Casa Malca are offering fans of Pablo Escobar private tour of the villa, which is a few miles from the popular destination of Cancun.