New App Spotlite Turns College Students Into A&R's

A new app called Spotlite wants to harness the power of students, and where to find the next big thing in music.

Music based app Spotlite, continues with their direct-to-fan model launching an A&R Ambassador Program targeting college students.

The unique nationwide Ambassador Program offers music-loving students an internship whereby they will earn college credits while developing their A&R skills in hopes of finding new musical talent.
The ambassadors will work remotely reporting to Spotlite Head of Artist Development, Melanie Stevenson.

“The A&R Ambassador program at Spotlite is designed to offer an experiential learning opportunity for college students wishing to pursue A&R or artist management and provide them with the tools to identify and develop emerging musical talent,” said Stevenson. “With the help of technology, the barrier to entry for young artists is lower than ever before, and the future stars of the music industry are already recording their original music directly onto their laptop or phone.” – Spotlite Head of Artist Development, Melanie Stevenson.

“Within the digital music model there are many young, innovative artist managers and A&Rs who are disrupting the industry,” Spotlite Head of Artist Development, Melanie Stevenson continued. “At Spotlite we encourage creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset. Our A&R Ambassadors gain the necessary skills to identify and develop talent using new media and help those artists to build a loyal fanbase and earn money towards their projects.”
The Ambassador Program looks to:
Identify new artists through a variety of means, e.g. live shows, blogs, digital distribution services, demos, word-of-mouth, etc.
Monitor your artist roster and assist artists with verifying their account, uploading content and general use of the platform.
Highlight top artists to be considered for Spotlite’s artist incubator program, which offers artists access to PR, performance opportunities, seed money to fund recording sessions or purchase gear, and more.
Potential to assist the Head of Artist Development with coordinating Spotlite events on campus.