This Is The Student Who Received $50,000 from Drake

Drake just gave some life-changing money to a student at the University of Miami.

Drake surprised thousands of students in Miami as he the video for his hit single “God’s Plan.”

Drake popped into Miami Senior High School, to use the students as extras in the video.
Drake casually dropped the $25,000 on the school and announced he would be designing their athletic uniforms too.
When he was finished, Drake headed over to the University of Miami
The Toronto rap star was there to finish the shoot for “God’s Plan,” and he brought along with some more cash.
The rapper granted a $50,000 scholarship to a student named Destiny James, who is studying biology.
According to Destiny’s good friend Milind Khurana, Drake made the perfect choice when he chose the Junior to help through college.

“She deserves it; she’s one of the nicest people I know, she works really hard,” said Milind Khurana,