New Tech Transforms Snoop Dogg's Compound Into An Artistic Masterpiece

When rap star Snoop Dogg needed to redesign his Los Angeles Studio/entertainment compound, he spared no expense.

Snoop, who just dropped his massive album Bible Of Love, hired award-winning printing and creative design firm Gamut Media in Fullerton, California.

Gamut Media recently completed a series of 17 custom murals specifically for for the rap legend.
The firm relied heavily on advanced Roland wide-format digital printing technology to produce the vibrant, detailed graphics that now adorn Snoop’s walls.
Phillip Yu, creative director at Gamut, described the process.
“Our first mural was a custom UCLA wall design for Snoop Dogg’s son, who had been accepted to UCLA on a football scholarship,” said Yu. “Snoop loved the work, and from there, we were offered the chance to design murals for other rooms and hallways.”
Gamut transformed Snoop Dogg’s private recording studio with a futuristic Star Trek vs. Star Wars wall design.

In another room, they produced a mural featuring the kings of hip-hop, which Snoop Dogg called the “Wall of Game.”

In Snoop Dogg’s casino, Gamut designed murals that depict scenes from Las Vegas and the interior of a Las Vegas casino, a design that later earned them one of SGIA’s prestigious Golden Image Awards.

To set the tone in Snoop Dogg’s private basketball court, Gamut designed posters of the rapper’s favorite basketball players mounted between panels of acrylic.
In the game room, Gamut created custom wraps for the arcade games, featuring Spiderman, Chun Li and other cool characters – including Snoop Dogg himself.

“We really had fun producing the murals for Snoop Dogg. The variety and scope of the project kept our creativity flowing.” – Phillip Yu, Gamut Media

Gamut used its Roland VersaCAMM® VS-640i wide-format printer/cutter with CMYK, white and light black ink to print the designs needed for the project.
State-of-the-art digital printers like the VersaCAMM provide exceptional print quality and precise color matching to achieve consistently excellent results.
Yu commented that although they were star-struck at first, Snoop Dogg was really down-to-earth and an extremely nice guy.
“Snoop told us that he would definitely be getting more graphics through us. It was pretty amazing to receive praise from someone of his stature,” Yu added.