DJ Khaled's "Keys To Social Change" Will Hand Out Tens-of-Thousands In Scholarships

Get Schooled national spokesperson and hip-hop mogul DJ Khaled continues his partnership with Viacom to announce Key to Social Change.
The new initiative will empower high school and college students to make a positive impact in their communities through social media.
Organized under the “Major Keys” campaign, the effort will assist students in securing a college education, by awarding more than $20,000 in scholarships to select participants.

“Now more than ever, we must unite and use our voices to drive change. Get Schooled and Viacom have become family to me and we’ll continue our work to help young people use their talent and leadership for good.” – DJ Khaled

The newest of eight major “keys” for academic success developed by DJ Khaled and Get Schooled, the Key to Social Change will provide students with best practices for effective digital communications, including guidance on platform selection, content development and messaging.
Students will be encouraged to apply these skills to social cause work through their own social media campaigns. Scholarships will be awarded to those who best illustrate the positive real-world impact of their digital content.
“Young people are anxious to improve their schools and communities,” said Marie Groark, Executive Director of Get Schooled. “The Key to Social Change will share tips from DJ Khaled and other social media influencers to teach young people how to use their social media presence to have an impact on the issues that matter most to them.”
The Major Keys campaign aims to expose young people to critical soft skills that are integral to success in college and beyond.
The campaign consists of eight keys – or digital badges – that cover personal finance, communication skills and goal setting, among other important topics. To date, students have earned more than 25,000 keys in total.
For more information and to access all the Major Keys go to